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IMTB members enjoy regulatory peace-of-mind through free access to REASSURE our compliance consultation service.


Regulatory Advice 

With REASSURE, IMTB members can be confident their influencer marketing campaigns always adhere to regulatory best practice.

IMTB members enjoy compliance peace-of-mind through free access to REASSURE our one-to-one consultation service with leading legal and regulatory compliance consultancy, Hashtag Ad Consulting. 

regulation areas covered

Areas of law and regulation covered

  •  CAP Code and consumer legislation
  • Prize draws, competitions, and promotion requirements –  and T&Cs
  • Social media platform policies
  • Crypto currencies & crypto-assets
  • Green Claims Code adherence 
  • Betting and Gaming regulations
  • Disclosure rules across platforms
  • Comparative Advertising
  • Health, beauty, alcohol claims
  • Intellectual Property -  TM, copyright etc.
  • Protecting the young and vulnerable 
  • Consumer Protection legislation – rules affecting marketing and advertising communications
Rupa Shah Influencer Marketing Trade Body


Delivering world-class influencer marketing compliance advice

Hashtag Ad Consulting has unrivalled experience in the typical ASA/CMA queries that arise for influencer marketers. 

As the author of CAP Code guidance and e-learning modules, combined with the insider knowledge that comes from a 13-year career with the Advertising Standards Authority, Rupa Shah is uniquely placed to offer expertise and guidance in order to ensure that your social media and social influencer campaigns are clear and compliant.

Rupa is a bachelor of law, specialising in intellectual property law as well as regulatory compliance.