January 31, 2024

The IMTB has become an official supporter of Media Smart - the provider of free teaching resources and parent guides including social media, body image, influencer marketing, greenwashing, and digital advertising.


The IMTB is delighted to announce it is now an official supporter of Media Smart - the non-profit education programme from the advertising industry.

Media Smart teaches media and digital literacy to 7-17 year olds helping young people understand the working world of advertising and media and become better, safer and more empowered digital citizens.

Today, young people grow up in a world of commercial messaging that touches most areas of their lives – so it is more important than ever that they understand exactly what is being suggested, promised and sold to them.

Media Smart offers innovative educational resources designed to provide 7–17 year olds with the understanding and tools they need to be critical consumers of the media, looking at important subjects like social media and digital advertising, influencer marketing and body image.

In developing the key skills of media literacy – resilience, empathy, creativity, communication and critical-thinking – young people are also building life skills which will help them on their journey towards future employability and well-being, and equip them to be successful global citizens.

Commenting on IMTB joining Media Smart as official supporters, Rachel Barber-Mack, Executive Director of Media Smart UK said:

“We are delighted to welcome the IMTB as a supporter of Media Smart and our youth audience. Education around influencer marketing remains one of our priorities and we hope to take our work in this area to the next level by collaborating with Scott and his team. We admire their commitment to building trust in advertising and the great progress they have made in a short space of time”.

Scott Guthrie, director-general of the IMTB said:

“Many influencers are adept at carrying important messages to principally younger audiences who may no longer engage with traditional media in the way that previous generations enjoyed. Responsible influencer marketers should take seriously their obligations to all consumers - particularly the young.

I have been a fan of Rachel’s work at Media Smart for many years and am thrilled the IMTB is now an official supporter. I would urge everyone within the influencer marketing sector to consider working with Media Smart, too.”  

About the Influencer Marketing Trade Body

The IMTB is a professional membership organisation dedicated to building a robust, sustainable future for the influencer marketing industry through increased accountability, governance and a unified voice.

Launched in October 2021 with six founding members the IMTB now has 21 member organisations: BENlabs, Captiv8, Disrupt, THE FIFTH, FleishmanHillard, Fourth Floor, impact.com, INCA, Ketchum, Ogilvy, Open Influence, R&CPMK, RED PILL, SEEN Connects, Smarts, Storm, Tagger, TAKUMI, Traackr, Whalar and What They Said.

Member organisations sign up to a code of conduct when joining the IMTB. The code articulates specific requirements for members. These are the behaviours that members must demonstrate when they are providing business services and ensure our members are always responsible, accountable, transparent and competent.

IMTB represents influencer marketing on the Committee of Advertising Practice ("CAP") as a member. CAP is responsible for writing and updating the rules on advertising in the UK via the CAP (Non-broadcast Advertising) Code. 

CAP is the sister organisation of the Advertising Standards Authority ("ASA") - the UK’s independent advertising regulator that  administers the CAP Code to keep ads legal, decent, honest and truthful.

IMTB co-owns the Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct alongside ISBA. The Code, first launched in September 2021 and updated in May 2022, aims to standardise good practices and guidance with brands, agencies and creators. It covers areas including disclosure, transparency, pay parity, and effective representation.

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