May 20, 2024

The Influencer Marketing Trade Body spoke at an international conference on ethical influencer marketing last week as the guest of the Romanian Advertising Council (RAC).


The Influencer Marketing Trade Body spoke at an international conference on ethical influencer marketing last week as the guest of the Romanian Advertising Council (RAC). 

In a keynote presentation titled: The Commercial Benefits of Responsible Influencer Marketing, IMTB’s director general Scott Guthrie, augmented the ethical and legal imperative of compliance with European advertising rules and consumer law with the financial uplift compliance creates. 

RAC’s conference on ethics in Influencer Marketing - brought together Romanian specialists, international experts, and content creators to debate regulatory and self-regulatory frameworks in influencer marketing in Romania and across Europe. 

Other speakers presenting to the conference included:

  • Taylor Annabel, post doctoral researcher at HUMANADS, Utrecht University - who spoke on Influencer Marketing in the European Union

  • Lucas Boudet, director general of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) who spoke about their Disclose me project.

  • Mohamad Mansouri, vice director of French advertising self regulator ARPP –  who presented on his organisation’s Responsible Marketing Certification an Essential Educational  Instrument for Content Creators .

L-R Laura Frunzeti, executive director RAC, Oana Cociasu, president RAC, Gerald Filip, RAC board member (PRISA secretary general), Scott Guthrie, director general IMTB, and Mohamad Mansouri, vice director ARPP.  

Scott Guthrie, director general, IMTB spoke about the importance of maintaining and enhancing trust levels enjoyed between consumers and influencers in order to realise a robust and sustainable future for the influencer marketing industry:

“Globally, the influencer marketing sector is growing at speed. It’s forecasted to be worth $24 billion in 2024. That’s a 3.5 fold increase in the last five years. Analysts forecasts our industry at $200 billion by 2032. But, the past does not guarantee the future. The trust influencer marketing enjoys in the minds of consumers is earned, not owned. Advertisers, agencies, platforms and creators need to work together to maintain and enhance trust levels throughout our ecosystem”. 

Oana Cociasu, RAC President stated:

“Influencer marketing tactics are almost indispensable in the marketing and communication strategies launched these days by companies.  Their popularity rises the need to highlight best practices regarding commercial editorial content. RAC conference aimed to bring to the fore the need for honest, legal and decent communication and it proved to be an agora for Romanian expertise as well as a valuable exchange of knowledge between local specialists and reputed international experts in this domain”.

About the Romanian Advertising Council:

RAC is an NGO, independent professional organization representative of the marketing and communication industry. The main remit of the Council is self-regulation in advertising, based on the Code of Best Practice in Commercial Communication. The BPR Code represents a set of best practices in advertising, adopted in order to provide a standard for correct and honest commercial communication towards consumers.

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