July 5, 2024

IMTB issues response to the 2024 General Election result 


In response to the 2024 General Election result, the Influencer Marketing Trade Body (“IMTB”)  has issued the following statement.

Scott Guthrie, director general, IMTB said:

The IMTB congratulates the Rt Hon Sir Keir Starmer MP and the Labour Party on winning the General Election. Influencer marketing is evolving at speed both professionalising and continually innovating. We represent progressive influencer marketing firms in the UK and look forward to working with the new Government to help it meet its manifesto pledge to “ensure a pro-business environment, with a competition and regulatory framework, that supports innovation [and] investment.”

The IMTB believes evidence-based self-regulation is the most effective way to create responsible advertising. And that this leads to heightened levels of trust and confidence in the consumer. 

As active members of the influencer marketing working group within the Online Advertising Taskforce, we look forward to continuing our work supporting the aims of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Online Advertising Programme and will deliver the fourth iteration of the influencer marketing code of conduct in partnership with ISBA later this year. 

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