October 24, 2023

IMTB appoints co-chairs to lead the Board and drive effective governance as the trade body continues to grow at speed


The Influencer Marketing Trade Body (IMTB) today announced the appointment of inaugural co-chairs to its Board of Management - Emma Harman, Global Chief Client Officer at Whalar and Oliver Lewis, CEO and Founder at THE FIFTH

This strategic decision underscores IMTB's commitment to advancing industry standards, emphasising transparency, ethical practices, and educational initiatives within the influencer marketing community. Working collaboratively, Harman and Lewis will bolster governance principles within the advisory council, enabling efficient and effective measures to shape the influencer marketing landscape in the UK.

Emma Harman, Global Chief Client Officer at Whalar, said: “The influencer industry is here to stay and I look forward to collaboration with IMTB members to ensure that our industry looks and works in a beneficial way for creators, brands, platform partners and consumers. With the on-going growth of the Creator Economy, now more than ever, is a time to build on the best the industry has to offer.

Oliver Lewis, CEO and Founder at The FIFTH, said: “It's a privilege to be appointed co-chair of the IMTB Board. As our space evolves and influencers continue to play a pivotal role in the marketing landscape, and indeed society at large, it's never been more important to have the industry's leading businesses aligned around our common goals. The IMTB is delivering on this mission for us all and I'm committed to supporting Scott and working with Emma and our fellow members to champion our shared interests, and advocate for ethical, innovative and trusted influencer marketing practices.”

Scott Guthrie, Director General of the IMTB said: “As the IMTB continues to grow at speed it is important to have the best possible structure in place to continue to ensure efficient and effective decision-taking. 

A clear division of responsibilities at the head of the Company is part of that correct structure. This includes the creation of the position of chairperson to run our Board and to oversee the system by which IMTB is directed and controlled. 

I am delighted to welcome Emma and Oliver as our first Board co-chairs. Their extensive industry knowledge and passion for creator marketing will be instrumental in guiding the IMTB's mission and initiatives.”

About Whalar

Whalar is a leading global Creator Company on a mission to Liberate the Creative Voice. We empower creators, brands, and platforms to tap new areas of innovation and drive business growth together. We do this through our six divisions: brand partnerships, talent management, proprietary technology, a creator-centric venture studio, a gaming studio, and a physical campus for creators. As a result, we have the best understanding, the most access, and the earned trust of creators. We’re a curious and diverse team of 300 creative minds united by one belief: Everything Is Better With Creators.


THE FIFTH is an award winning influence agency with offices in London and LA. 

We are specialists in influencer marketing, social creative and strategy.

Our team of experts combine decades of experience to help brands and creators connect culturally with their audience, influence responsibly and build communities through social-first storytelling that delivers business impact. In October this year, THE FIFTH were named Best Influencer Marketing Agency at the bCreator Awards. 

About the Influencer Marketing Trade Body

The IMTB is a professional membership organisation dedicated to building a robust, sustainable future for the influencer marketing industry through increased accountability, governance and a unified voice.

Launched in October 2021 with six founding members the IMTB now has 21 member organisations: BENlabs, Captiv8, Disrupt, THE FIFTH, FleishmanHillard, Fourth Floor, Good Relations, impact.com, INCA, R&CPMK, Ketchum, Ogilvy, Open Influence, SEEN Connects, Smarts, Storm, Tagger, TAKUMI, Traackr, Whalar and What They Said.

Member organisations sign up to a code of conduct when joining the IMTB. The code articulates specific requirements for members. These are the behaviours that members must demonstrate when they are providing business services and ensure our members are always responsible, accountable, transparent and competent.

IMTB represents influencer marketing on the Committee of Advertising Practice ("CAP") as a member. CAP is responsible for writing and updating the rules on advertising in the UK via the CAP (Non-broadcast Advertising) Code. 

CAP is the sister organisation of the Advertising Standards Authority ("ASA") - the UK’s independent advertising regulator that  administers the CAP Code to keep ads legal, decent, honest and truthful.

IMTB co-owns the Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct alongside ISBA. The Code, first launched in September 2021 and updated in May 2022, aims to standardise good practices and guidance with brands, agencies and creators. It covers areas including disclosure, transparency, pay parity, and effective representation.

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