IMTB Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for the Influencer Marketing Trade Body articulates specific requirements for members. These are the behaviours that members must demonstrate when they are providing business services.

Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct

All members of the IMTB must adhere to its Code of Conduct. Members sign up to the Code when joining the institute and are bound by it for the duration of their membership. The IMTB Code of Conduct sets the standard of conduct for the influencer marketing industry.

6 Guiding Principles

There are six principles that members of the Influencer Marketing Trade Body must meet. This means that our members must agree to:

  1. 1
    Act honestly, fairly, transparently and with integrity 
  2. 2
    Demonstrate responsibility, accountability and competence
  3. 3
    Champion equality
  4. 4
    Safeguard confidentiality
  5. 5
    Adhere to legal and regulatory frameworks and codes
  6. 6
    Raise industry standards and avoid any action that would tarnish the reputation of the influencer marketing industry or specifically the Influencer Marketing Trade Body.

We are honest, fair, transparent and we act with integrity

As members of the Influencer Marketing Trade Body we are honest, open and transparent. Throughout our business we:

1.1 Act, fairly and reasonably, fulfilling our contractual obligations at all times.

1.2  Never mislead customers, whether through omission, exaggeration or other means

1.3  Show a duty of care towards all sections of society especially the young and the vulnerable. We do not exploit credulity or inexperience.

We are responsible, accountable and competent

As members of the Influencer Marketing Trade Body we:

2.1  Exhibit the required resources and systems to execute agreed contracts.

2.2  Deliver work in a timely, efficient, considered and suitable form.

2.3  Take ownership for our commitments and put things right if they go wrong.

2.4  Ensure that clients and other interested parties are informed, advised and consulted as necessary.

2.5  Provide our services that are itemised, priced and delivered so as to adhere to accepted business practice.

2.6  Adhere to the legal and regulatory frameworks and codes of all countries where we operate.

We champion equality

As members of the Influencer Marketing Trade Body we:

3.1  Our members champion employment and business practices that promote equality of opportunity, diversity, inclusion and representation.

We safeguard confidentiality 

As members of the Influencer Marketing Trade Body we:

4.1  Safeguard confidences and commercially-sensitive information received or given in the course of our business activity.

4.2  Never use this information for personal advantage or the benefit or detriment of third parties.

4.3  Have a duty to ensure that we adequately declare our role as representatives of our clients e.g. when promoting a client’s product, service or cause including via social media. 

We raise industry standards

Collectively we raise influencer marketing standards, we: 

5.1  Further the work of the Influencer Marketing Trade Body by engaging in its interest groups and by attending its networking events;

5.2  Continually look for ways in which to improve the quality of business performance;

5.3  Share information about good practice with other members 

5.4  Spread awareness of the Influencer Marketing Trade Body’s role as guardian of standards for the influencer marketing industry by, for example:

    5.4.1  Include the IMTB logo on member’s corporate website

    5.4.2  Display the IMTB designatory letters on business stationery;

    5.4.3  Include the Influencer Marketing Trade Body’s Code of Conduct in client contracts.